Chapter 20.36


20.36.010    Lien for penalties and costs.

20.36.020    Lien satisfaction.


Ord. 812    04/03/07


Ord. 948    07/10/18

20.36.010 Lien for penalties and costs.

The Director may record a lien against the subject property after assessed penalties and/or costs, including those imposed in accordance with Chapter 20.33 CCC, have remained unpaid for 90 calendar days after they became due.

(1) The lien for penalties and/or costs shall run with the land, and shall accrue interest at six percent per annum from the date of recording the lien until paid in full;

(2) The lien for penalties and/or costs shall contain a reference to the notice and order, a description of the property to be charged with the lien, the owner of record, and the total amount of the lien. The Director may cause such lien to be modified to add additional accrued penalties if they remain unpaid 90 calendar days after they have become due;

(3) The Director may cause a lien for penalties to be adjusted only pursuant to the provisions of this title;

(4) No lien for penalties and/or costs shall be recorded against the subject property if the landowner of the subject property has affirmatively demonstrated that the action which resulted in the violation was taken without the landowner’s knowledge.

20.36.020 Lien satisfaction.

Within 30 days of full payment of all penalties and/or costs, the Director shall record a satisfaction of lien with the Clallam County Auditor’s Office. The satisfaction shall include a legal description of the subject property.