Title 29


29.01    Purpose and Authority

29.03    Definitions

29.05    Application Requirements and Review Process

29.07    Public Notice

29.10    Criteria for Approval of a Land Division

29.13    Subdivision and Binding Site Plan Process

29.15    Planned Unit Development and Cluster Development Process

29.17    Short Subdivision and Large Lot Division Process

29.19    Preliminary Approval – Authorization and Expiration

29.20    Final Plat Requirements and Process

29.30    Standards for Subdivisions, Short Subdivisions, Large Lot Divisions

29.35    Standards for RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks (Binding Site Plans)

29.37    Standards for Commercial and Industrial Developments

29.40    Variances

29.43    Boundary Line Adjustments and Lot Combination

29.45    Alterations and Vacations

29.47    Enforcement

29.49    Administration