Chapter 29.19


29.19.100    Preliminary approval and authorization.

29.19.200    Other development permits.

29.19.300    Expiration limits for all land divisions.

29.19.400    Phased completion.

29.19.500    Further division.


Ord. 594    05/21/96


Ord. 677    09/28/99

Ord. 714    10/02/01

29.19.100 Preliminary approval and authorization.

Approval of the preliminary land division shall constitute authorization for the land divider to provide the land division’s facilities and improvements in accordance with standards and procedures established by this title and any conditions imposed by the Board, Hearing Examiner, or Administrator as part of preliminary approval. No portion of the land division or area within a binding site plan shall be occupied prior to final plat approval with the exception of those structures that are legally existing and occupied at the time the preliminary land division application is submitted, except where otherwise authorized by this title.

29.19.200 Other development permits.

Permits for residential, commercial or industrial structures shall not be issued prior to final approval of the land division; except, on vacant property for the allowance of one residential, commercial, or industrial building permit to be issued upon review by the Administrator that the building permit issuance will not conflict with the proposed land division conditions, such as setbacks to proposed property lines and well radius requirements. Said building permit may be issued with the understanding by the applicant that guarantee of final approval of the proposed land division may be jeopardized, and that improvements, including structures, wells, septic systems, etc., may be conditioned to be shown on the final survey for verification of compliance with applicable setbacks.

29.19.300 Expiration limits for all land divisions.

(1) A final plat which meets all of the requirements of this title shall be submitted to the Administrator for processing and approval within five (5) years of the date of preliminary land division approval. The final plat may be presented to the County at any time during the period of preliminary approval. The preliminary approval shall be null and void unless a plat meeting all conditions and requirements for final approval is received during the original five (5) year approval period.

(2) The Board of Commissioners may approve a one-time twelve (12) month extension in time for the filing of a final plat. Requests for such extensions in time must be made no later than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the preliminary plat approval. All requests for an extension of time must contain a certification by a professional engineer registered in the State of Washington that improvements totalling at least fifty (50) percent of the cost of all required improvements have been installed. No bond in lieu of improvements shall be allowed for any land division for which an extension of time has been previously approved.

29.19.400 Phased completion.

During the five (5) year preliminary approval period and prior to final expiration for all applications subject to this title, the land divider may divide the land division into two (2) or more phases subject to the approval of the Administrator. The land divider may stage the installation of minimum improvements and the survey of the land division according to the approved phasing scheme. When a land division is accomplished in phases, street standards required for each phase shall be calculated in consideration of the land division’s total number of lots. Said phasing shall provide for the orderly development and/or extension of roads, utilities and other improvements and amenities. The County may require that an appropriate percentage of planned special improvements and amenities are developed with each phase to provide for each phase in the event the total land division is never completed.

29.19.500 Further division.

Recorded short subdivisions or large lot divisions may not be further divided in any manner within a period of five (5) years, except as follows:

(1) If the short plat contains fewer than four (4) parcels, nothing shall prevent the owner who filed the short plat from filing a new application within the five (5) year period to create up to a total of four (4) lots within the original plat boundaries.

(2) Except as provided by subsection (1) of this section, short subdivisions or large lot divisions may be redivided as a subdivision at any time after recording, but are subject to the process and conditions set forth for subdivisions pursuant to this title; provided, that the original plat boundaries are a part of the new application for a subdivision.