Chapter 33.37


33.37.010    Public hearing notice requirements.

33.37.020    Application requirements.


Ord. 581    12/19/95


Ord. 631    02/03/98

33.37.010 Public hearing notice requirements.

Public notice requirements shall comply with Chapter 26.10 CCC.

33.37.020 Application requirements.

All permit applications submitted pursuant to this title shall contain the following information:

(1) Signature of applicant.

(2) Signature of landowners if other than the applicant.

(3) Method of providing the development with sewage disposal, water, power, solid waste disposal and access.

(4) A vicinity sketch showing the relationship of the proposed development to existing streets and nearby creeks or rivers.

(5) Name of engineer, if applicable.

(6) Location of natural or artificial drainage ways on the development site and any proposed site drainage improvements.

(7) A plan of the proposed use showing streets, structures, open spaces, uses of each structure, parking areas, fencing, walkways, screening and landscaping.

(8) Such additional information as deemed materially necessary by the Administrator to enable the Board of Adjustment or Hearing Examiner to review and take action on the permit application.

(9) An environmental checklist if required by Clallam County Environmental Policy Code, Chapter 27.01 CCC.

(10) A filing fee in an amount as established under Chapter 5.100 CCC.