Chapter 33.47


33.47.010    Home enterprise minimum standards.

33.47.020    Home-based industry minimum standards.


Ord. 581    12/19/95


Ord. 601    07/23/96

33.47.010 Home enterprise minimum standards.

Home enterprises locating in noncommercial, nonindustrial zones are subject to the following minimum standards:

(1) The home enterprise is carried on entirely within legally constructed structures on the property and is clearly subordinate to the residential use.

(2) The operator of the business lives in the residential structure as his or her primary residence.

(3) The business is operated in a manner as to not give any outward appearances or manifest characteristics of a business other than the display of an information sign as provided in subsection (7) of this section.

(4) There are no displays or storage of salvage materials, or partially finished merchandise outside of the structure. Additionally, if the business involves work with vehicles or machinery, there shall be no storage or work performed on such vehicles or machinery outside the structure(s).

(5) The business does not involve equipment operations or processes which introduce noise, smoke, dust, fumes, vibrations, odors, glare or other nuisance characteristics or hazards beyond those associated with the normal residence which can be detected off premise or in some way adversely effect neighboring property.

(6) The business does not increase local vehicular traffic beyond what could be reasonably expected from other legal uses of the residential property.

(7) Only one sign is used for identification purposes and is attached to the residential structure; provided, that if the sign cannot be seen from the road if attached to the house, and cannot reasonably serve as identification because of special features like unusually deep setbacks, extensive vegetative buffering or other features, the sign may be placed in the front yard or along the fronting road. Such sign is unlighted and does not exceed six (6) square feet.

(8) On-premises parking of vehicles associated with the home enterprise shall not be construed as a significant outdoor activity; provided, the number and size of the vehicles does not exceed what could be reasonably expected to be generated by other legal uses of the residential property. Only one vehicle with an axle rating greater than 30,000 pounds may be parked outside when associated with a home enterprise or home-based industry, except that additional vehicles may be allowed when they are not readily visible. A business which maintains an in-home office, but conducts all other operations off-site, may designate one vehicle of any size (i.e., a logging truck or moving van) as a commuter vehicle which may be legally parked on the residential parcel, providing it does not infringe on public or private roadways.

33.47.020 Home-based industry minimum standards.

To receive a conditional use permit to operate in noncommercial, nonindustrial zones, the operation must conform to the following minimum standards:

(1) The home industry is clearly subordinate to the residential use of the property. The business is consistent with the standards found in CCC 33.47.010(2) through (8) for a home enterprise.

(2) The operator of the business lives on the parcel as his/her primary residence.

(3) Outdoor activity and/or storage associated with the business is not readily visible from neighboring residences or public roads, or is such that it does not detract from the residential character of the neighborhood.