Chapter 33.51


33.51.010    Purpose.

33.51.020    Vacation rental standards.


Ord. 913    09/27/16

33.51.010 Purpose.

Clallam County is a destination for thousands of visitors annually attracted to the area’s scenic beauty and variety of cultural and outdoor recreational opportunities, and these visitors are in need of local accommodations. Short-term rental of residences referred to hereafter as “vacation rentals” have become an established use throughout Clallam County. It is the purpose of this chapter for vacation rentals to be operated in a way that will avoid unreasonable disturbances to neighbors and area residents and for renters to know they are safe and can enjoy their stay. Other types of transient accommodations are not regulated by this chapter.

33.51.020 Vacation rental standards.

The dwelling and vacation rental use must comply with all County and State regulations and requirements as well as the following standards:

(1) The owner is responsible for obtaining an inspection by the Clallam County Department of Community Development, or by a qualified organization or person approved by the Administrator, to review that the structure has adequate means of egress, exits, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and other fire protection systems in compliance with the Building Code.

(2) Connection to a Public Sanitary Sewer or an On-Site Septic System That Complies with Chapter 41.20 CCC, On-Site Sewage Systems. If connected to an on-site septic system, the owner is responsible to ensure that the vacation rental occupancy is consistent with the design capacity of the on-site septic system and type of wastewater discharges allowed, and in compliance with on-site septic systems periodic inspection, maintenance, and reporting requirements under CCC 41.20.170.

(3) On-site parking adequate to accommodate vacation rental guests shall be provided.

(4) All outdoor storage of refuse and recyclables must be secured in covered containers. The owner is responsible to notify renters in writing that refuse and recyclables must be kept in secured containers provided for that purpose. Recycling and refuse shall not create a nuisance of odor or attract animals, and shall remain in compliance with Chapter 41.11 CCC, Solid Waste Regulations.

(5) The owner is responsible to provide written notice to renters of:

(a) County sound and noise regulations pursuant to Chapter 15.30 CCC, Public Disturbance.

(b) Rules of conduct, local laws, burn bans, and renter responsibility not to trespass on private property or to create disturbances (e.g., noise). If there is an easement that provides renters legal access to off-site areas such as a beach access, this shall be indicated on a map and the easement shall be clearly marked.

(c) The location of the breaker box, water shut-off, gas shut-off, instructions regarding the septic system, emergency numbers, and the name and number of a local contact person(s) for the vacation rental.

(6) The owner is responsible for complying with State transient accommodation requirements under Chapter 246-360 WAC; and the Washington State Department of Revenue requirements for short-term rentals of residences, including those pertaining to business licenses and any sale and lodging taxes.

Compliance shall be addressed through Chapter 33.59 CCC, Enforcement, and CCC Title 20, Code Compliance.