2.29.025 Clark County veterans’ advisory board.

The Clark County veterans’ advisory board shall consist of appointed or elected representatives of nationally recognized veterans’ organizations that have registered with the veterans’ advisory board in accordance with Section 2.29.010. The county legislative authority may provide for reimbursement to board members for expenses incurred. The Clark County veterans’ advisory board shall act as an advisory group to Clark County in all matters regarding veterans’ relief and/or other assistance approved by the CCVAB. The CCVAB may enter into contracts with the county, or other agencies, to provide for administration of the Veterans’ Assistance Fund as authorized by Chapter 73.08 RCW. (Sec. 2, Ord. 1997-05-17; amended by Sec. 3 of Ord. 2004-07-12; amended by Sec. 2 of Ord. 2006-08-07; amended by Sec. 1 of Ord. 2016-08-01)