2.29.080 Rule 4: Applications for assistance and warrants.

(1)    No applications for assistance will be honored or warrants issued except to cover emergency need. Each application for assistance shall be signed by the applicant that the application is for emergency need and not to supplement any other pensions, insurance compensation, or public assistance received by the veteran or his family.

(2)    The county service officer is authorized to refuse to approve an application for assistance for any purpose where it has been determined after investigation that the person is not entitled to assistance for any of the following reasons:

(a)    Having remained on homeless prevention assistance for three (3) or more consecutive years;

(b)    Misrepresentation in applying for assistance; or

(c)    Having received assistance from more than one (1) county, veterans’ post or organization in a single year. (Sec. 9, Res. 1979-01-78; amended by Sec. 2 of Ord. 1983-06-33; amended by Sec. 7 of Res. 1991-05-01; amended by Sec. 9 of Ord. 1997-05-17; amended by Sec. 9 of Ord. 2014-10-04; amended by Sec. 4 of Ord. 2016-08-01)