2.33A.100 Real property—Lease conditions.

(1)    If any officer or department shall need any real property which need can be most economically satisfied by leasing property not belonging to the County, it shall advise the Property Manager of its particular needs and the uses which will be made of the property. The Property Manager shall first investigate county properties which might be available for such needs and purposes. If such cannot be satisfied with county property, the Property Manager shall locate and investigate properties which are adaptable to such needs and uses that are available for leasing. The Property Manager shall submit a report to the head of the office or department with respect to the property or properties which can be leased for such use. The report shall include an analysis of rentals and the Property Manager’s conclusion of the fair market rental value of the property or properties available for leasing as well as terms and conditions upon which such property or properties can be leased.

(2)    If the head of the office or department concerned concurs with the report and any recommendations therein, the report and recommendations shall be submitted to the Board, with the recommendation of the head of the office or department concerned. The Board may approve the leasing of any real property on terms reported and recommended to it.

(3)    The Property Manager shall list on a calendar all expiration or renewal dates for leases or permits under which the County uses property owned by others. The Manager shall have the responsibility to notify well in advance the office or department affected, and the Board, so that appropriate action can be taken prior to expiration of the lease or permit. (Sec. 10 of Ord. No. 1987-03-46)

Article IV. Disposition of Property