2.33A.120 Surplus property disposition—Board approval considerations.

(1)    Whenever, in the opinion of the property manager, any county real or personal property is surplus to the needs of the county, the property manager shall so advise the board, making appropriate recommendation for the possible use, sale, lease or other disposition of such property. The property manager shall consult the property management committee and the office or department last using such property before so advising the board. Possible uses to be considered by the property manager shall include:

(a)    Potential uses by other county offices and departments;

(b)    Exchange or trade-in for publicly or privately owned property needed by the county;

(c)    Sale or lease to other governmental agencies;

(d)    Lease to nongovernmental parties;

(e)    Retention by the county if a parcel is within an environmentally sensitive area, a floodplain, a slide hazard property or another area whose public ownership is in the public interest;

(f)    Sale at public auction.

(2)    If the board concludes that the property is surplus to the foreseeable needs of the county, the board may authorize the sale or other disposition of such property as provided for in this chapter. (Sec. 12 of Ord. No. 1987-03-46)