2.70.030 Definitions.

“County agency” includes every elective office, department, division, bureau, board, commission, council or other local public entity within Clark County’s governmental structure, including advisory groups comprised of volunteers appointed to make recommendations to elected officials and excluding the county law library.

“Public record” includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any county function prepared, owned, used, or retained by any county agency regardless of physical form or characteristics. For purposes of this chapter, “public record” does not include:

(a)    Court case files; or

(b)    Records that are not otherwise required to be retained by the agency and are held by volunteers who:

(i)    Do not serve in an administrative capacity;

(ii)    Have not been appointed by the agency to an agency board, commission, or internship; and

(iii)    Do not have a supervisory role or delegated agency authority.

“Writing” means handwriting, typewriting, printing, photostating, photographing, and every other means of recording any form of communication or representation, including, but not limited to, letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion picture, film and video recordings, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, diskettes, sound recordings, and other documents including existing data compilations from which information may be obtained or translated. (Sec. 3 of Ord. 2007-07-09; amended by Sec. 1 of Ord. 2018-06-04)