5.32.090 Permit—Grounds for revocation.

Every permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall state in substance that such permit is issued as a police, sanitary and fire requisition measure, and that the right of the planning director, on behalf of the board of commissioners, to revoke such permit without notice or formal hearing is a consideration of its issuance. In addition, the sheriff of Clark County shall have the authority to revoke the permit acting on behalf of the county commissioners in the event that the rules and regulations as established herein are not being followed after having received reports from either fire, sanitary or police that indicate that there is a possible endangerment to the health and safety of the inhabitants of the county, and the permittee fails or refuses to remedy the violation in a timely manner. If the permit revocation occurs prior, because of the failure to meet the restive requirement five (5) days before the event, permittee may request a hearing at the next public meeting of the hearing examiner.

For all violations of the permit issued pursuant to this chapter, which do not amount to a life safety hazard, the planning director may deduct from the cash deposit one hundred dollars ($100) per violation. In the event that the permit violation fees exceed the amount of the cash deposit, the planning director may collect the same pursuant to 32.16. The permittee shall have the same appellate rights granted in Sections 32.08.040 and 32.08.050. (Sec. 9 of Res. passed March 19, 1970; amended by Sec. 12 of Ord. 1992-08-12)