5.32.170 Parking facilities.

Parking facilities required by the Planning Director shall provide a minimum of one off-street parking space for every four persons expected or reasonably expected to attend said event. The Planning Director is authorized to require additional parking spaces when the nature and scope of the event is such that the ratio of one space per four persons (1:4) will not provide adequate off-street parking for the event. Adequate ingress and egress shall be provided between such parking area and the public road to facilitate the movement of any vehicle at any time to or from the parking area. PROVIDED, that should buses be used to transport the public to the event it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Planning Director that the sum total of public parking facilities, “park and ride facilities,” or a combination thereof is adequate to accommodate the expected number of persons attending the event. (Sec. 17 of Res. passed March 19, 1970; amended by Sec. 18 of Ord. 1992-08-12)