9.05.030 Protection of park property.

Within the property of the county parks, it is unlawful to:

(1)    Wilfully mutilate, injure, remove, deface or destroy any fencing, guidepost, notice, sign, enclosure, irrigation or lighting system, or any other physical property within any park;

(2)    Cut, break, mark upon any building, bridge, wall, fountain, hedge, or other structure;

(3)    Appropriate, excavate, injure or destroy any historical ruin or any object of antiquity, or otherwise harm any work for the protection of ornamentation of any park or parkway;

(4)    Cut, break, injure, destroy, take or remove any tree, shrub, timber, plant or natural object in any park;

(5)    Remove any earth, boulders, gravel or sand, without the prior written consent of the director;

(6)    Add any foreign matter, such as sawdust, sand, gravel or soil conditioner, to any field or park in order to use the field property in wet weather without the prior written consent of the director. (Sec. 3 of Ord. 2012-09-02)