9.05.120 Motor-driven vehicles.

Except for authorized power-driven, mobility devices, or when authorized with a parks and facility use permit, it is unlawful for any person to:

(1)    Operate a motor-driven vehicle of any kind except on roads or designated parking areas;

(2)    Operate a motor-driven vehicle on any park or roadway within a park at a speed exceeding ten (10) miles per hour or at any speed greater than that posted;

(3)    Operate any motor-driven sled or snowmobile on any property under the control of the county parks department except where permitted by posted notice;

(4)    Drive a motor-driven vehicle for the purpose of having a speed contest. This section does not apply to any event for which a permit has been applied for and granted by the county commissioners;

(5)    Drive any motor vehicle upon county park property while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic, drug, barbital, or any derivative of barbital;

(6)    Operate a motor vehicle upon county park property while his/her license to operate a motor vehicle has been suspended or revoked;

(7)    Operate a motor vehicle without having a valid operator’s license and motor vehicle registration;

(8)    Operate any vehicle upon county park property contrary to posted traffic signs, symbols, rules or regulations on marked roadways;

(9)    Operate any vehicle in any manner upon county park property which results in excessive noise or disturbs the peace of other persons using the area;

(10)    Operate or ride a motorcycle without wearing equipment or clothing as may be required by state law;

(11)    Continuously cruise in any motor-driven vehicle through any park area. (Sec. 3 of Ord. 2012-09-02)