9.05.235 Fees for parks and programs.

(1)    The board of county commissioners has authority to establish fees for the use of parks, and for participation in parks and recreational activities; provided, that the board must consider the policies set forth below.

(2)    The policies for setting fees authorized by this chapter are as follows:

(a)    County policy is to finance through its tax base a reasonable balance of parks and recreation services that meets the needs of the general citizenry. This financing should be directed to assure the overall administration and coordination of leisure services and for the provision of parks, open space, landscapes, parks improvements, recreation facilities, and their adequate maintenance.

(b)    As it relates to recreation activities, the county, through user fees and charges, may charge an amount to cover direct program costs for labor, leadership, supplies, materials, and service charges that benefit identifiable and specific groups, i.e., enrichment classes, sports leagues.

(c)    When unusual or hardship circumstances apply, the county may make some compensatory efforts to support special service needs, i.e., persons of disability or low income.

(d)    When the operation of facilities requires special operational costs involving materials, supplies, supervision, and services, additional fees may be appropriate. The fee amount will take into consideration the goal of making the facility self-supporting.

(e)    An applicant for a park and facility use permit will be charged a fee pursuant to this section. (Sec. 3 of Ord. 2012-09-02; amended by Sec. 1 of Ord. 2013-04-01)