9.24.005 Definitions.

(1)    “Lot line.” See Section 40.100.070.

(2)    “Front yard” means the open space extending the full width of a lot from the edge of the improved road surface including any sidewalks, one hundred (100) feet back.

(3)    “Rear yard” means the open space extending the full width of a lot from the rear lot line one hundred (100) feet forward.

(4)    “Side yard” means the open space extending from the front yard to the rear yard along the side lot line, one hundred (100) feet in width.

(5)    “Nuisance weed” includes, but is not limited to, noxious weeds such as thistle, nettle, tansy ragwort, purple loosestrife, poison hemlock, Eurasian milfoil, blackberries, or other plants listed as noxious by the county pursuant to Section 7.14.070 or any plant which when established is highly destructive, competitive or difficult to control by manual, mechanical or chemical practices.

(6)    “Cultivate” means to prepare and work the land in order to raise crops and to promote or improve the growth of a plant or crop by labor and attention.

(7)    “Recreational vehicle” means a travel trailer, motor home, camper, camping trailer, tent trailer, or horse trailer that can be used and/or is used as temporary living quarters, is either self-propelled or mounted on or drawn by another vehicle, is transient, and is not permanently affixed to a manufactured/mobile home lot, not meeting the International Building Code. (Sec. 1 of Ord. 1991-11-09; amended by Sec. 2 of Ord. 1998-11-02; amended by Sec. 1 of Ord. 2017-08-08)