Chapter 12.05A

This chapter has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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Article I. Overview

12.05A.010    Purpose. (REPEALED)

12.05A.020    Relationship to comprehensive plan. (REPEALED)

12.05A.030    Definitions. (REPEALED)

12.05A.040    Functional classifications—Purpose. (REPEALED)

12.05A.050    Functional classifications—Urban roads. (REPEALED)

12.05A.060    Functional classifications—Rural roads. (REPEALED)

12.05A.070    Scenic routes. (REPEALED)

12.05A.080    Urban reserve, urban holding areas and rural centers. (REPEALED)

Article II. Standards for a Development Review

12.05A.100    Transportation impact study. (REPEALED)

12.05A.110    Circulation plan. (REPEALED)

12.05A.120    Transportation design criteria. (REPEALED)

12.05A.210    Access management. (REPEALED)

12.05A.220    Frontage roads/improvement. (REPEALED)

12.05A.230    Off-site road improvement. (REPEALED)

12.05A.240    Intersection design. (REPEALED)

12.05A.250    Sight distances. (REPEALED)

12.05A.260    Street extensions. (REPEALED)

12.05A.270    Private roads. (REPEALED)

12.05A.275    Joint driveways. (REPEALED)

12.05A.280    Cul-de-sacs and turnarounds. (REPEALED)

12.05A.290    Urban neighborhood traffic management. (REPEALED)

12.05A.300    Urban transit circulation standards. (REPEALED)

12.05A.400    Pedestrian/bicycle circulation standards. (REPEALED)

12.05A.600    Landscaping plan. (REPEALED)

12.05A.620    Right-of-way standards. (REPEALED)

12.05A.660    Road modifications. (REPEALED)

Article III. Specifications for Design and Construction

12.05A.700    Transportation standard specifications. (REPEALED)

12.05A.710    Construction plan requirements for transportation and utility improvements. (REPEALED)

12.05A.740    Transportation design specifications. (REPEALED)

12.05A.770    Transportation construction specification. (REPEALED)