Chapter 13.29


This chapter has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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Article I. Introduction

13.29.100    Findings. (REPEALED)

13.29.110    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.29.120    Definitions. (REPEALED)

Article II. Applicability

13.29.200    Applicability. (REPEALED)

13.29.210    Exemptions and exceptions. (REPEALED)

Article III. Stormwater Control

13.29.300    Design standards. (REPEALED)

13.29.305    Water quality treatment. (REPEALED)

13.29.310    Quantity control. (REPEALED)

13.29.315    Location of stormwater facilities. (REPEALED)

13.29.320    Protection of infiltration systems from erosion. (REPEALED)

13.29.325    Fencing of stormwater facilities. (REPEALED)

13.29.330    Side slopes of stormwater facilities. (REPEALED)

13.29.340    Maintenance and ownership. (REPEALED)

13.29.345    Recovering costs of stormwater facilities. (REPEALED)

13.29.350    Bonds and insurance. (REPEALED)

13.29.355    Basin plans. (REPEALED)

13.29.360    Regional and subregional facilities. (REPEALED)

13.29.365    Record drawings. (REPEALED)

13.29.370    Substantially complete. (REPEALED)

Article IV. Erosion Control

13.29.400    Small parcel development requirements. (REPEALED)

13.29.410    Large parcel development requirements. (REPEALED)

13.29.420    Signage. (REPEALED)

13.29.430    Contractor certification. (REPEALED)

13.29.440    Financial liability. (REPEALED)

Article V. Plan Submittal Requirements

13.29.500    General. (REPEALED)

13.29.510    Abbreviated preliminary stormwater plan submittals. (REPEALED)

13.29.520    Preliminary stormwater plan submittals. (REPEALED)

13.29.530    Final stormwater plan submittals. (REPEALED)

13.29.540    Erosion control plans. (REPEALED)

13.29.550    Development plans. (REPEALED)