Chapter 13.36


This chapter has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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Article I. Introduction

13.36.100    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.36.110    Applicability. (REPEALED)

13.36.120    Definitions. (REPEALED)

13.36.130    Exempted wetlands. (REPEALED)

13.36.140    Interpretation. (REPEALED)

Article II. Standard Provisions

13.36.200    General. (REPEALED)

13.36.210    Pre-determination. (REPEALED)

13.36.220    Wetland determination. (REPEALED)

13.36.230    Wetland delineation. (REPEALED)

13.36.240    Buffer designation. (REPEALED)

13.36.250    Standard requirements. (REPEALED)

13.36.260    Standard requirements—Rural subdivision waivers. (REPEALED)

Article III. Rating Systems

13.36.300    General. (REPEALED)

13.36.310    Wetland rating system. (REPEALED)

13.36.320    Base buffer width. (REPEALED)

13.36.330    Buffer rating system. (REPEALED)

13.36.340    Adjusted base buffer width. (REPEALED)

Article IV. Wetland Permits

13.36.400    General. (REPEALED)

13.36.410    Standards—General. (REPEALED)

13.36.415    Standards—Buffer activities. (REPEALED)

13.36.420    Standards—Wetland activities. (REPEALED)

13.36.430    Enhancement/mitigation plans. (REPEALED)

13.36.440    Wetland permit—Application. (REPEALED)

13.36.450    Wetland permit—Processing. (REPEALED)

13.36.460    Wetland permit—Preliminary approval. (REPEALED)

13.36.470    Wetland permit—Final approval. (REPEALED)

13.36.480    Variance. (REPEALED)

13.36.490    Emergency wetland permit. (REPEALED)