Chapter 13.55


This chapter has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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Article I. General Provisions

13.55.110    Authority. (REPEALED)

13.55.120    Chapter. (REPEALED)

13.55.130    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.55.140    Applicability. (REPEALED)

13.55.160    Definitions. (REPEALED)

13.55.170    Administration. (REPEALED)

13.55.180    Standards. (REPEALED)

13.55.190    Fees. (REPEALED)

Article II. Forest Practice Approvals

13.55.210    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.55.220    Class IV general forest practice permits. (REPEALED)

13.55.230    Conversion option harvest plans (COHP). (REPEALED)

Article III. Development Moratoria

13.55.310    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.55.320    Development moratoria. (REPEALED)

13.55.330    Request for lifting of development moratorium. (REPEALED)

Article IV. Single-Family Dwelling Moratoria Waiver

13.55.410    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.55.420    Request for single-family dwelling moratoria waiver. (REPEALED)