Chapter 13.70


This chapter has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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Article I. Introduction

13.70.100    Findings. (REPEALED)

13.70.110    Purpose. (REPEALED)

13.70.120    Classification of critical aquifer recharge areas. (REPEALED)

13.70.130    Map. (REPEALED)

Article II. Incentives, Education, and Technical Assistance

13.70.200    Incentives. (REPEALED)

13.70.210    Education. (REPEALED)

13.70.220    Technical assistance. (REPEALED)

Article III. Exempt, Prohibited, Permitted, Provisional Activities

13.70.300    Exempt activities in Categories I and II. (REPEALED)

13.70.310    Prohibited activities in Category I. (REPEALED)

13.70.320    Permitted activities in Categories I and II. (REPEALED)

Article IV. Site Evaluation Report

13.70.400    Level 1 site evaluation report/approval criteria. (REPEALED)

13.70.410    Level 2 site evaluation report/approval criteria. (REPEALED)

Article V. Appeals, Penalties, and Fees

13.70.500    Appeals. (REPEALED)

13.70.510    Penalties. (REPEALED)

13.70.520    Fees. (REPEALED)

Article VI. Definitions

13.70.600    Definitions. (REPEALED)