14.08.140 Amendment to Section 103.1.3.

Section 103.1.3 of UPC is amended to read:

(1) No permit shall be issued to any person to do or cause to be done any work regulated by this chapter or the UPC, except to a person holding a valid unexpired and unrevoked certificate of competency issued by the State of Washington, Department of Industries, under the authority of RCW 18.106 except when and as otherwise hereinafter provided in this section.

(2) A permit may be issued to a properly licensed person not acting in violation of RCW 18.106 or this chapter.

(3) Any permit required by this chapter may be issued to any of the following persons:

(A) Any person seeking a permit to do work regulated by this code in a single-family dwelling used exclusively for living purposes, including the usual accessory buildings and quarters in connection with such buildings in the event that such person is the bona fide owner of any such dwelling and accessory buildings and quarters, and that the same are occupied by said owner; provided, that the owner shall personally purchase all material and shall personally perform all labor in connection therewith either by himself or with the help of a friend, neighbor, relative or other person, none of whom receive any compensation or consideration of any sort in connection therewith, and none of whom have undertaken such assistance by holding themselves out as engaged in the trade or business of plumbing;

(B) Any person performing plumbing work on a farm used and occupied exclusively for farming, but not in connection with premises on a farm used and occupied for either residential purposes or business purposes performed in compliance with subdivision (A) or (C) of this subsection;

(C) Any person performing work on a place of business owned by him/her, except in connection with premises used and occupied for residential purposes unless performed in compliance with subdivision (A) of this subsection; provided that a “place of business” shall be construed as meaning a continuous business operation intended to be carried on over an indefinite period of time and not a place where residential or commercial properties are developed with buildings or structures for the purpose of sale, lease or rental.

(Ord. 1974-07-51 (part), 1974; amended by Sec. 6 (Exh. D) of Ord. 2004-06-04; amended by Sec. 23 of Ord. 2007-06-19)