14.12.090 Amendment of Section 109 IMC.

Sections 109.2, 109.3, 109.5, and 109.6 (Means of Appeal) of the IMC are replaced with the following:

In order to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and to provide for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of this code, appeals may be made to the same body and under the same processes used to hear appeals of building and fire protection decisions.

(Ord. 1974-07-52 (part), 1974; amended by Sec. 26 of Ord. 1985-05-28; amended by Sec. 36 of Ord. 1995-11-39; amended by Sec. 5 (Exh. E) of Ord. 2004-06-04; amended by Sec. 11 of Ord. 2016-07-02; amended by Sec. 6 of Ord. 2020-03-01)