14.12.110 Amendment of subsection 106.4.5 IMC.

Subsection 106.4.5 IMC is amended to read:

Permit suspension or revocation. The Building Official may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under provisions of this code whenever the permit is issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied, or in violation of any ordinance or regulation or any of the provisions of this code. Any permittee who expends time, money and effort after notice of revocation shall assume the risk of the cost of said expenditures.

(Ord. 1974-07-52 (part), 1971; amended by Sec. 28 of Ord. 1985-05-28; amended by Sec. 38 of Ord. 1995-11-39; amended by Sec. 5 (Exh. E) of Ord. 2004-06-04)