14.32A.230 Additions, alterations, and modifications.

Additions, alterations, modifications, and repairs to a manufactured home shall be in accordance with the following criteria:

1.    Any proposed structural addition or alteration to a manufactured home requires building permit approval from either or both the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and the department prior to construction of the addition or alteration. Construction plans shall be submitted in conformance with Title 14 of this code and Chapter 296-150M WAC. Any addition or alteration shall comply with all permit requirements, and must receive final inspection approval prior to occupancy. Final inspection shall not be granted until alteration insignias are affixed by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, to the extent required by existing state law.

2.    Any proposed addition not structurally attached to a manufactured home, including but not limited to decks, stairs, ramps, carports, and walkways, shall be treated in all respects as activities governed by Chapter 14.05, and the applicable sections of the International Building Code. Construction shall not commence until the appropriate permits are obtained and applicants must receive final inspection approval prior to occupancy or use of that unattached structure, if otherwise required under the Clark County Code. (Sec. 2 (Exh. A) of Ord. 2003-10-13; amended by Sec. 1 of Ord. 2006-09-13; amended by Sec. 8 of Ord. 2018-10-02)