Title 17

This title has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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17.101    Purpose (REPEALED)

17.102    Definitions (REPEALED)

17.103    Applicability (REPEALED)

17.104    Fees (REPEALED)

17.105    Legal Lot Determination (REPEALED)

17.201    Short Plat and Large Lot Short Plat Provisions (REPEALED)

17.301    Subdivision and Large Lot Subdivision Provisions (REPEALED)

17.302    Large Lot Subdivision Provisions (REPEALED)

17.401    Reservations—Park Sites (REPEALED)

17.501    Monumentation (REPEALED)

17.502    Survey Standards (REPEALED)

17.503    Drafting Standards (REPEALED)

17.601    Subdivisions of Properties Zoned Commercial and Industrial (REPEALED)

17.701    Alterations of Final Plats and Short Plats Forbidden (REPEALED)

17.701A    Alteration and Vacation of Final Plats (REPEALED)

17.801    Recording Land Surveys (REPEALED)