Title 18

This title has been repealed in its entirety and moved to Title 40.
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18.60    Fees (REPEALED)

18.65    Impact Fees (REPEALED)

18.100    Preliminary (REPEALED)

18.104    Definitions (REPEALED)

18.200    Establishment of Zone Districts and Maps (REPEALED)

18.300    Agricultural-Wildlife District (AG-WL) (REPEALED)

18.301    Agricultural District (AG) (REPEALED)

18.302    Forest District (FR) (REPEALED)

18.302    Forest and Agriculture Districts (FR-80, FR-40, AG-20, AF-20) (REPEALED)

18.303    Rural Farm District (RF) (REPEALED)

18.303    Rural Estate Districts (RE) (REPEALED)

18.303A    Rural District (R) (REPEALED)

18.303B    Rural Cluster Development (REPEALED)

18.304    Rural Estate District (RE) (REPEALED)

18.304A    Rural Center Residential Districts (RC-1, RC-2.5) (REPEALED)

18.305    Rural Residential District (RR) (REPEALED)

18.305    Urban Reserve Districts (UR-10, UR-20) (REPEALED)

18.306    Suburban Residential District (RS) (REPEALED)

18.306    Urban Holding Districts (UH-5, UH-10, UH-20) (REPEALED)

18.307    Single-Family Residential Districts (R1-7.5, R1-10, R1-20) (REPEALED)

18.308    Single-Family/Duplex Residential Districts (R1-6, R4) (REPEALED)

18.308    Single-Family Residential Districts (R1-6, R1-5) (REPEALED)

18.309    Apartment Residential Districts (A2, A3) (REPEALED)

18.310    Apartment Residential District (A1) (REPEALED)

18.311    Apartment Residential Districts (AR-10, AR-12, AR-15, AR-18, AR-22) (REPEALED)

18.311    Residential Districts (R-12, R-18, R-22, R-30, R-43) (REPEALED)

18.312    Office Residential (OR-15, OR-18, OR-22, OR-30, OR-43) (REPEALED)

18.313    Commercial Districts (CR1, CR2, C2, C3, CL, CH) (REPEALED)

18.314    Business Park District 2 (BP-2) (REPEALED)

18.314A    Office Campus District (OC) (REPEALED)

18.315    Business Park District (BP) (REPEALED)

18.316    Industrial Park District (MP) (REPEALED)

18.317    Industrial Districts (ML, MH) (REPEALED)

18.317A    Industrial Districts (ML, MH) (REPEALED)

18.318    Airport District (A) (REPEALED)

18.319    University District (U) (REPEALED)

18.320    Mixed Use District (MX) (REPEALED)

18.325    Environmental Combining District (E) (REPEALED)

18.326    Airport Environs Overlay Districts (AE-1, AE-2) (REPEALED)

18.326A    Existing Resort Overlay District (REPEALED)

18.327    Flood Plain Combining Districts (FP) (REPEALED)

18.328    Heritage Area Combining District (H) (REPEALED)

18.328A    Historic Preservation (REPEALED)

18.329    Surface Mining Combining District (S) (REPEALED)

18.330    Shoreline Combining District (SL) (REPEALED)

18.331    Transportation Corridor Combining District (TC) (REPEALED)

18.334    National Scenic Area Combining District (NSA) (REPEALED)

18.334A    Clark County Implementing Land Use Regulations for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (REPEALED)

18.401    Pre-Application Review (REPEALED)

18.402    Site Plan Approval (REPEALED)

18.402A    Site Plan Review (REPEALED)

18.403    Uses Permitted Subject to Review and Approval by the Planning Director (REPEALED)

18.404    Conditional Use Permits (REPEALED)

18.405    Planned Unit Development Approval (REPEALED)

18.406    Provisions Applying to Special Uses (REPEALED)

18.407    Off-Street Parking and Loading (REPEALED)

18.408    Special Setback Lines (REPEALED)

18.409    Signs (REPEALED)

18.410    Solid Waste Zoning Permits (REPEALED)

18.411    Interpretations and Exceptions (REPEALED)

18.412    Nonconforming Uses (REPEALED)

18.412A    Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots (REPEALED)

18.413    Temporary Dwelling Permits (REPEALED)

18.414    Master Plan Ordinance (REPEALED)

18.415    Wireless Communication Facilities (REPEALED)

18.420    Solar Balance and Shade Points (REPEALED)

18.422    Solar Access (REPEALED)

18.424    Solar Access Permit (REPEALED)

18.430    Transit Combining District (T) (REPEALED)

18.501    Variances (REPEALED)

18.503    Changes to Districts, Amendments, Alterations (REPEALED)

18.504    Public Hearing Procedures and Notice of Public Hearing (REPEALED)

18.505    Appeals (REPEALED)

18.506    Zoning Certificates (REPEALED)

18.507    Revocation of Permits or Variances (REPEALED)

18.508    Conditions to be Met Prior to the Issuance of a Building Permit (REPEALED)

18.509    Enforcement and Penalties (REPEALED)

18.510    Severability and Repealer (REPEALED)

18.600    Procedures (REPEALED)

18.610    Plan Amendment Procedural Ordinance (REPEALED)

18.620    Amendments Docket (REPEALED)