Title 24


24.01    Clark County Board of Health

24.04    Sewage Regulations (REPEALED)

24.05    Individual Sewage Disposal System Requirements (REPEALED)

24.05A    Individual Sewage System Rules and Regulations (REPEALED)

24.05B    Policy Guide—Existing Sites (REPEALED)

24.05C    Lot Size (REPEALED)

24.08    Eating Establishments (REPEALED)

24.09    Food Establishments

24.12    Solid Waste Management

24.16    S.W.A.C.

24.17    On-Site Sewage Systems Rules and Regulations

24.18    Public Health Fees, Miscellaneous

24.20    Regulation of Smoking in Public Places and Inhalant Delivery Systems

*    Code reviser’s note: As of the July 2007 supplement, all references in the code to “Clark County Health Department” are updated to read “Clark County Public Health.”