40.100.010    Introduction

A.    Title.

    Title 40 of the Clark County Code (CCC) constitutes and may be cited as the Unified Development Code (UDC).

B.    Purpose.

    In order to improve public service and efficiency, the county has adopted the UDC, which consolidates the county’s development-related codes into a single document. The UDC applies to all of unincorporated Clark County and includes:

1.    Land use zoning districts and use regulations;

2.    Development standards for signs, landscaping and screening, parking and loading, transportation and circulation, stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water;

3.    Standards for the protection of critical areas;

4.    Procedures for the development and division of land, amendment of the code, and processing under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA); and

5.    Impact fees.

C.    Organization.

    The text of the UDC is organized as follows:

1.    Title. The UDC in its entirety is Title 40 of the Clark County Code.

2.    Subtitles. Subtitles, which are numbered as 40.#, establish the major categories and start new chapter number series.

3.    Chapters. Chapters are numbered as 40.###, with the second group of numbers representing the chapter number, the first digit of which is the subtitle number.

4.    Sections. Sections are numbered as 40.###.###, with the second group of numbers representing the chapter number and the third group of numbers representing the section number.

5.    Subsections. Subsections levels are indicated by alphanumeric characters in the following hierarchy: A, 1, a, (1), (a), (i) and [a].