40.200.010    Purpose

The land use regulations and zoning maps of the UDC constitute the zoning ordinance and regulations for the unincorporated area of the county. It is the purpose of this title to classify, designate and regulate the development of land for agriculture, forest, residential, commercial, industrial and public land uses as a means of implementing the Clark County comprehensive plan text and map; to provide adequate open spaces for light, air and the prevention of fires; to provide the economic and social advantages which result from an orderly, planned use of land resources; to facilitate energy conservation and the use of renewable energy resources to enhance the livability and quality providing a basis for wise decisions with respect to such development; to provide for desirable, appropriately located living areas in a variety of dwelling types and at a suitable range of population densities; to provide for the preservation of adequate space for industrial, commercial and other activities necessary for a healthy economy; to lessen congestion of streets; to seek alternative transportation options in conformance with the adopted county transportation plan; to stabilize expectations regarding future development, thereby, timely and reasonable administration respecting the due process set forth in this title and other applicable laws; and to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare.