40.200.030    Interpretation of District Boundaries

The district boundary lines are indicated on the zoning maps. Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of any district as shown on the zoning maps, the following rules shall apply:

A.    Wherever the zone boundary is indicated as being along or approximately along a street, alley, the centerline of a block, or a property line, then, unless otherwise definitely indicated on the maps, the centerline of the street, alley, or block, or the property line, shall be construed to be the boundary of the zone.

B.    Where the location of a zone boundary line is not determined by the above rule, and is not indicated by a written dimension, the boundaries shall be located by the use of the scale appearing on the maps.

C.    Whenever any street, alley, or other public way is vacated in the manner authorized by law, the zoning district abutting each side of such street, alley, or public way shall be automatically extended to the center of the former right-of-way and all of the area included in the vacation shall then and henceforth be subject to all regulations of the extended districts.

D.    Where the application of the above rule does not clarify the zone boundary location, the responsible official shall interpret the maps, and by written decision, determine the location of the zone boundary. Said written decision shall be kept on file with the County Auditor.

(Amended: Ord. 2005-04-12)