40.240.210 Temporary Use Hardship Dwellings

Temporary use hardship dwellings shall be permitted in the GMA and SMA on parcels containing a principal residential dwelling, subject to the following:

A.    The temporary placement of a mobile home may be granted under the following circumstances:

1.    A family hardship exists where conditions relate to the necessary care for a member of the family occupying the principal dwelling and where medical conditions relate to the infirm or aged.

2.    The hardship dwelling shall use the same subsurface sewage disposal system and well used by the existing dwelling, or utilize existing public sewer and water systems. In all cases well and septic systems shall be used in a manner and location to minimize impacts to resource lands.

3.    The hardship dwelling is found to be consistent with the guidelines for protection of scenic, cultural, natural and recreation resources of Sections 40.240.800 through 40.240.900.

B.    A permit may be issued for a two (2) year period, subject to annual review for compliance with the provisions of this rule and any other conditions of approval.

C.    Upon expiration of the permit or cessation of the hardship, whichever comes first, the mobile home shall be removed within thirty (30) days. A new permit may be granted upon a finding that a family hardship continues to exist.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)