40.240.440 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria, Large‑Scale or Small‑Scale Agriculture Designations

The following uses may be allowed on lands zoned Gorge Large-Scale or Small-Scale Agriculture, subject to compliance with Sections 40.240.800 through 40.240.900, consistent with Section 40.240.460:

A.    Utility facilities and railroads necessary for public service upon a showing that:

1.    There is no practicable alternative location with less adverse effect on agricultural or forest lands; and

2.    The size is the minimum necessary to provide the service.

B.    Home occupations in existing residential or accessory structures, subject to Section 40.240.240.

C.    Fruit and produce stands, upon a showing that sales will be limited to agricultural products raised on the subject farm and other farms in the local region.

D.    Wineries, in conjunction with on-site viticulture, upon a showing that processing and sales of wine is from grapes grown on the subject farm or in the local region.

E.    Wine tasting rooms, in conjunction with an on-site winery.

F.    Agricultural product processing and packaging, upon a showing that the processing will be limited to products grown primarily on the subject farm and sized to the subject operation.

G.    Exploration of mineral and geothermal resources subject to Section 40.240.800.

H.    Development and production of mineral and geothermal resources, as defined by Section 40.240.040, and pursuant to Section 40.240.800 and all other applicable federal, state and county standards, including those of Section 40.250.022. Type III review procedures specified under Section 40.510.030 shall be required.

I.    Personal-use airstrips including associated accessory structures such as a hangar. A personal-use airstrip is an airstrip restricted, except for aircraft emergencies, to use by the owner and on an infrequent and occasional basis, by invited guests, and by commercial aviation activities in connection with agricultural operations. No aircraft may be based on a personal-use airstrip other than those owned or controlled by the owner of the airstrip.

J.    Agriculture.

K.    Recreation development, pursuant to Section 40.240.890.

L.    Boarding of horses, pursuant to Section 40.240.205.

M.    Temporary portable asphalt/batch plants related to public road projects, not to exceed six (6) months.

N.    Bed and breakfast inns in single-family dwellings, subject to Section 40.240.250 and provided that the residence:

1.    Is included in the National Register of Historic Places; or

2.    Is listed on the Washington State Register of Historic Places maintained by the Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

O.    Nonprofit, environmental learning or research facilities.

P.    Expansion of existing schools or places of worship.

Q.    On parcels designated Small-Scale Agriculture, small-scale fishing support and fish processing operations on parcels that are contiguous with and have direct access to the Columbia River, subject to Section 40.240.260.

R.    Disposal sites managed and operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation, for earth materials and any intermixed vegetation generated by routine or emergency/disaster public road maintenance activities within the Scenic Area, pursuant to Section 40.240.280.

S.    Special uses in historic buildings, pursuant to Section 40.240.310.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04; Ord. 2020-02-13)