40.240.560 Approval Criteria for Life Estates in Gorge Small Woodland

A landowner who sells or otherwise transfers real property on lands zoned Gorge Small Woodland may retain a life estate in a dwelling and a tract of land surrounding the dwelling. The life estate tract shall not be considered a parcel. A second dwelling unit on lands designated Gorge Small Woodland may be allowed, pursuant to Sections 40.240.800 through 40.240.900 and upon findings that:

A.    The proposed dwelling is in conjunction with agricultural use, using Section 40.240.430(A)(9).

B.    On lands designated Gorge Small Woodland, the proposed dwelling complies with Section 40.240.510(A)(1).

C.    Upon termination of the life estate, the original or second dwelling shall be removed.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)