40.240.680 Dimensional Standards

The following dimensional standard provisions shall apply to lands zoned Gorge Residential unless otherwise noted herein. In the event of conflict between other Title 40 chapters and this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall prevail.

A.    All new land divisions shall comply with Section 40.240.370(B) and applicable county regulations. Newly created lots shall comply with the following minimum lot size requirements:

1.    Gorge Residential 5 (GR-5), five (5) acres;

2.    Gorge Residential 10 (GR-10), ten (10) acres.

B.    Minimum lot width of one hundred forty (140) feet for newly created lots, unless required otherwise by the Clark County Fire Marshal.

C.    No minimum lot depth requirement.

D.    Minimum front setback of fifty (50) feet for all buildings from public road right-of-way or private road easement.

E.    Minimum side setback of twenty (20) feet for all residential and accessory buildings, fifty (50) feet for buildings used for agricultural purposes.

F.    Minimum rear setback of twenty (20) feet for all buildings.

G.    Setbacks shall also comply with provisions of Sections 40.240.130 and 40.240.150.

H.    Maximum height restriction of thirty-five (35) feet for residential structures, unless superseded by scenic review criteria of Section 40.240.800 or 40.240.810.

I.    Where larger setbacks are not required by Section 40.240.130, parcels which are nonconforming as to minimum lot size or width and depth requirements may observe building setbacks of fifty (50) feet from all property lines except side setbacks adjacent to streets, which may observe building setbacks of twenty-five (25) feet.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)