40.240.730 Approval Criteria for Non‑Recreation Uses in Gorge Public Recreation Zones

The uses identified in Section 40.240.720(B) may be allowed only if they meet the following:

A.    The proposed use will not interfere with existing or approved public recreation uses on the subject property or adjacent lands. Mitigation measures to comply with this criterion may include on-site buffers, seasonal or temporary closures during peak recreation use periods, etc.

B.    The proposed use will not permanently commit the majority of the site to a nonrecreational use. Careful siting and design of structure and other improvements may be used to comply with this criterion.

C.    Land divisions may be allowed consistent with Section 40.240.370(B) and upon a demonstration that the proposed land division is necessary to facilitate, enhance or otherwise improve recreational uses on the site.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)