40.360.030    Location, Design and Access Standards

Required storage areas for solid waste and recyclable materials shall comply with the following standards:

A.    Location.

1.    The storage area for source-separated recyclables shall be located with the storage area for residual mixed solid waste.

2.    Indoor and outdoor storage areas shall comply with International Building and Fire Code requirements.

3.    Storage area space requirements can be satisfied with a single location or multiple locations, and can combine both interior and exterior locations.

4.    Outdoor storage areas can be located within interior side setback or rear setback areas. Outdoor storage areas shall not be located within a required front setback or in a setback abutting a public right-of-way or private street easement unless no alternative location is possible. Outdoor storage areas shall not be located in a side or rear setback which abuts property that is not within the same development (perimeter setback of the development as opposed to the side setback of one (1) project on one (1) interior lot within the development).

5.    Exterior storage areas shall be located in central and visible locations on a site to enhance security for users.

6.    Exterior storage areas can be located in a parking area, if the proposed use provides at least the minimum number of parking spaces required for the use after deducting the area used for storage and access.

7.    The storage area shall be accessible for collection vehicles and located so it will not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic movement on the site or on public streets adjacent to the site.

B.    Design Standards.

1.    The dimensions of the storage area shall accommodate containers consistent with current methods of local collection.

2.    Storage containers shall meet International Fire Code standards and be made of and covered with waterproof materials or situated in a covered area.

3.    Design of exterior storage areas shall comply with standards outlined in Chapter 40.386, Stormwater and Erosion Control, including roof cover, paving, and runoff containment, to prevent nonstormwater discharges prohibited by Chapter 13.26A, Water Quality, from entering the stormwater drainage system.

4.    Exterior storage areas shall be enclosed by a screen to at least an F2 standard. A gate(s) through the fence shall allow access to users and haulers. The gate(s) for haulers shall be capable of being secured in a closed and open position.

5.    Storage containers shall be clearly labeled to indicate the type of materials accepted.

(Amended: Ord. 2015-11-24)

C.    Access Standards.

1.    Access to storage areas can be limited for security reasons. However, the storage area shall be accessible to users at convenient times of the day, and to collection service personnel on the day and approximate time they are scheduled to provide collection service.

2.    Storage areas shall be designed to be easily accessible to collection trucks and equipment, considering paving, grade and vehicle access. A minimum of ten (10) feet horizontal clearance and eight (8) feet of vertical clearance is required if the storage area is covered.

3.    Storage areas shall be accessible to collection vehicles without requiring backing out of a driveway onto a public street. If only a single access point is available to the storage area, adequate turning radius shall be provided to allow collection vehicles to safely exit the site in a forward motion.