40.386.020    Standards – Stormwater Control

A.    The Clark County Stormwater Manual is adopted by reference, and the requirements contained therein will be the minimum standards for this chapter except as modified in this chapter.

B.    Where provisions of this chapter conflict with other Title 40 requirements, the more stringent shall apply.

C.    Publicly funded linear transportation projects may follow the minimum design requirements and BMPs of the 2014 version of the Washington Department of Transportation’s Highway Runoff Manual (HRM), except use of the infeasibility criteria used for LID selection in the HRM (both the general criteria in Section 4-5 and the BMP specific criteria in Section 5) is not allowed. Instead, LID infeasibility criteria in this manual must be used for LID selection.

D.    Approvals and permits granted based on compliance with this chapter and any policies and procedures promulgated hereunder do not constitute waivers of the requirements of any other laws or regulations nor do they indicate compliance with any other laws or regulations. Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations is required.

(Added: Ord. 2015-11-24)