40.410.040 Incentives, Education, and Technical Assistance

A.    Incentives.

1.    Best Management Practices (BMPs). Individuals who implement BMPs to safeguard groundwater may not be required to provide additional geologic and hydrologic characteristics of the subject property, pursuant to Sections 40.410.030(B) and (C). Individuals shall implement the Washington Department of Ecology’s Stormwater, Water Quality, Hazardous Waste, Wetland, and Solid Waste Programs BMPs; Chapter 13.26A; and BMPs from the Washington Departments of Health, Agriculture, Transportation, and State Conservation District Office.

2.    Maintain Open Spaces. An individual may receive a tax reduction for not creating impervious surface within Category I. Open space may allow recharge to replenish the groundwater supply.

3.    Land Exchange. The purpose of land exchange is to locate high-use impacts outside Category I. State agencies and local government may convey, sell, lease, or trade existing public lands in order to obtain public ownership over all or part of a CARA. Such exchanges may occur only upon agreement between the recorded landowner and state and local agencies authorized to exchange the subject land.

(Amended: Ord. 2005-04-15; Ord. 2009-03-02)

B.    Education.

1.    Participation in the County’s Business Partners for Clean Water Program. This program provides public recognition to businesses that implement BMPs, such as safely handling and disposing of chemicals in a CARA.

2.    Provide Free Information (Pamphlets, Fast Facts) to Building Permit Applicants About How to Protect Groundwater Inside a CARA. Applicants seeking additional information about water quality and resource management issues will be placed on the department’s mailing list. In addition, owners will be notified if they are in Category I and will be placed on the department’s mailing list to receive groundwater protection newsletters, fact sheets, and pamphlets.

(Amended: Ord. 2005-04-15)

C.    Technical Assistance.

    To assist applicants in locating existing Group A and Group B public water supply wells in CARAs, the Clark County Health Department will provide a list of the physical location of all Group A and Group B public water supply wells in CARAs. A record of these wells will be available for review at the Clark County Health Department. Copies of the current Group A and Group B public water supply wells records may be purchased from the Clark County Health Department or Community Development department.

(Amended: Ord. 2005-04-15)