40.460.550 Restoration

A.    Restoration of shoreline ecological functions and processes shall be encouraged and allowed on all shorelines and shall be located, designed and implemented in accordance with applicable policies and regulations of this Program and consistent with other county programs (see Section 40.460.640(D)).

B.    Impacts to shoreline ecological functions shall be fully mitigated. Such mitigation may include elements from the shoreline restoration plan, where appropriate.

C.    Elements of the shoreline restoration plan may also be implemented in any shoreline designation to improve shoreline ecological function.

D.    Restoration efforts shall be developed by a qualified professional, shall be based on federal, state, and local guidance and shall consider the following:

1.    Riparian soil conditions;

2.    In-stream fish habitats; and

3.    Healthy aquatic and terrestrial food webs.

(Added: Ord. 2012-07-16)