40.520.050    Sign Permits

A.    A sign permit shall only be issued if it complies with all of the applicable provisions of Chapter 40.310 and the county code. One (1) sign permit application may include all signs proposed for the premises. In addition, a temporary sign permit may include all temporary signs proposed within one (1) year. Although permits are not required for other types of signs such as those indicated in Section 40.310.010(F), all signs are required to conform to the provisions of this chapter. Additionally, a building permit may be required for the installation of a sign pursuant to Title 14.

B.    Application Requirements.

    Applications for sign permits must be submitted with the following information:

1.    Completed application form containing:

a.    Applicant’s name, address and phone number;

b.    Contractor’s license number, if the sign is not being installed by the owner;

c.    Owner name;

d.    Section, township, range and tax lot(s) and serial number(s) of the lot(s) on which the sign(s) are to be located; and

e.    Description of all signs proposed in the application, including number of signs, area and height.

2.    Site plan to scale which identifies:

a.    All the boundaries of the property;

b.    General location of all buildings, driveways, parking areas;

c.    The name and location of all streets;

d.    The location of all existing freestanding signs; and

e.    The location of all proposed signs including the minimum distance to the property line and center of abutting streets and driveways, as applicable.

3.    Front elevation view of sign which identifies:

a.    Size and shape of sign;

b.    Height of sign;

c.    Types of support(s);

d.    All permanent graphics; and

e.    Type of lighting, if any, such as direct, indirect, internal or ground-mounted.

4.    Side elevation required for building signs which project more than one (1) foot beyond the building line or one (1) foot above the eave of the building.

5.    Any other information requested by the responsible official which is necessary to determine compliance with the provisions of this section, or the vision clearance requirements of Section 40.350.030(B)(8).

(Amended: Ord. 2006-09-13)

C.    Sign Permit Review.

    The responsible official shall approve, approve with conditions, deny or return plans to the applicant for revisions within five (5) working days from the receipt of a fully complete application. If the decision is not rendered within five (5) working days, the applicant may meet with the responsible official to discuss the application and may appeal the decision or lack of decision to the hearing examiner.

D.    Appeals.

    Appeals shall follow the process described under Chapter 40.510.