40.570.030    Definitions

A.    Purpose of this Section and Adoption by Reference.

    This section contains uniform usage and definitions of terms under SEPA. The county adopts the following sections of the SEPA Rules by reference, as supplemented by this section:


197-11-700    Definitions

197-11-702    Act

197-11-704    Action

197-11-706    Addendum

197-11-708    Adoption

197-11-710    Affected tribe

197-11-712    Affecting

197-11-714    Agency

197-11-716    Applicant

197-11-718    Built environment

197-11-720    Categorical exemption

197-11-721    Closed record hearing

197-11-722    Consolidated appeal

197-11-724    Consulted agency

197-11-726    Cost-benefit analysis

197-11-728    County/city

197-11-730    Decision-maker

197-11-732    Department

197-11-734    Determination of nonsignificance (DNS)

197-11-736    Determination of significance (DS)

197-11-738    EIS

197-11-740    Environment

197-11-742    Environmental checklist

197-11-744    Environmental document

197-11-746    Environmental review

197-11-750    Expanded scoping

197-11-752    Impacts

197-11-754    Incorporation by reference

197-11-756    Lands covered by water

197-11-758    Lead agency

197-11-760    License

197-11-762    Local agency

197-11-764    Major action

197-11-766    Mitigated DNS

197-11-768    Mitigation

197-11-770    Natural environment

197-11-772    NEPA

197-11-774    Non-project

197-11-775    Open record hearing

197-11-776    Phased review

197-11-778    Preparation

197-11-780    Private project

197-11-782    Probable

197-11-784    Proposal

197-11-786    Reasonable alternative

197-11-788    Responsible official

197-11-790    SEPA

197-11-792    Scope

197-11-793    Scoping

197-11-794    Significant

197-11-796    State agency

197-11-797    Threshold determination

197-11-799    Underlying governmental action.

B.    Additional Definitions.

    In addition to those definitions contained within WAC 197-11-700 through 197-11-799, when used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context indicates otherwise:

Archaeological site

“Archaeological site” means a site containing significant physical evidence or ruins of human occupation or activity that are located on or below the surface of the ground and are at least one hundred (100) years old. Archaeological resources on these sites include, but are not limited to, the remains of houses, villages, camp and fishing sites, and cave shelters; rock art such as petroglyphs and pictographs; artifacts such as arrowheads, utensils, tools, fragments of tools and utensils, obsidian flakes or other material byproducts from tool and utensil-making activities; and graves, human remains, and associated artifacts. “Department” means any division, subdivision or organizational unit of the county established by ordinance, rule, or order.

Early notice

“Early notice” means the county’s response to an applicant stating whether it considers issuance of a determination of significance likely for the applicant’s proposal (mitigated determination of nonsignificance (DNS) procedures).


“Ordinance” means the ordinance, resolution, or other procedure used by the county to adopt regulatory requirements.

SEPA Rules

“SEPA Rules” means Chapter 197-11 WAC adopted by the Washington Department of Ecology.