40.610.050    Establishment of Development Service Areas

Service areas, which may vary by type of public facility, are established as shown on the Clark County facilities plan.

A.    Such areas will provide a nexus between those paying the fees and receiving the benefits to ensure that those developments paying impact fees receive substantial benefits.

B.    Overlay service areas may be established for identified system improvements designed to serve geographic areas whose boundaries are not generally coterminous with established service areas.

C.    Additional or revised service areas may be designated by Council through amendment to the facilities plan upon consideration of the following factors:

1.    The comprehensive plan;

2.    Standards for adequate public facilities incorporated in the capital facilities plan;

3.    The projections for full development as permitted by land use ordinances and timing of development;

4.    The need for and cost of unprogrammed capital improvements necessary to support projected development; and

5.    Such other factors as Council may deem relevant.

(Amended: Ord. 2019-05-07)

D.    Service areas abutting an urban growth boundary shall automatically be adjusted to conform with any change in such boundary.