40.620.010    Traffic Impact Fee Formula

The impact fee component for roads shall be calculated using the following formula:

TIF = (size of development by unit of measure/unit of measure) x (daily trips per unit of measure) x (pass-by factor) x (BEF) x (0.85) x (fee per daily trip by district)

A.    “Unit of measure” means the associated trip generation rates and other factors by land use type that have been adopted in the Traffic Impact Fee Technical Document. These rates are based on the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation User’s Guide.

B.    “Pass-by factor” means trips that are made as intermediate stops on the way from an origin to a primary trip destination without a route diversion. The pass-by factor can be obtained in the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual.

C.    “BEF” means business enhancement factor; a multiplier of 0.70 used to reduce TIF payment for retail and service-related businesses only. Retail and service related businesses have shorter average trip lengths, reducing impacts on the existing transportation infrastructure.

D.    Adjustment of 0.85 is applied for the portion of anticipated additional tax revenues resulting from a development which is pro-ratable to system improvements contained in the capital facilities plan.

(Amended: Ord. 2016-06-12)