Appendix E: List of Title 40 Amending Ordinances

Ordinance 2003-11-01:    Adopted CCC Title 40

Ordinance 2003-12-15:    Dockets

Ordinance 2004-06-09:    Added/Omitted Sections 40.630.080 through 40.630.120

Ordinance 2004-06-10:    Home Business Ordinance, Section 40.260.100

Ordinance 2004-06-11:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2004-07-02:    Home Business Ordinance (repealed old section)

Ordinance 2004-09-02:    Adoption of Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2004-11-04:    Final Plat/Final Site Plan Update

Ordinance 2004-12-12:    Mixed Use Ordinance Update

Ordinance 2005-04-12:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2005-04-15:    Critical Areas

Ordinance 2005-05-20:    Habitat Conservation Off-Site Mitigation; Setback Reductions for Nonconforming Lots within Resource Districts

Ordinance 2005-06-09:    Lot Area Variances; Home Businesses

Ordinance 2005-10-04:    Hearing Examiner Decisions

Ordinance 2006-04-18:    Mixed Use Standards

Ordinance 2006-05-01:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2006-05-04:    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Ordinance 2006-05-27:    Wetlands

Ordinance 2006-06-09:    Habitat Conservation

Ordinance 2006-07-09:    Habitat Conservation

Ordinance 2006-08-03:    Habitat Conservation

Ordinance 2006-08-21:    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Ordinance 2006-09-05:    Transportation Concurrency Management System

Ordinance 2006-09-13:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2006-11-07:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2006-11-15:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2007-04-13:    Transportation Improvements

Ordinance 2007-06-05:    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2007-09-12    Transportation Improvements

Ordinance 2007-09-13    Comprehensive Plan Changes

Ordinance 2007-09-14    Impact Fee Exemptions

Ordinance 2007-11-09    Transportation Concurrency Management Program

Ordinance 2007-11-13    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2008-04-17    Employment Center Districts

Ordinance 2008-06-02    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2008-07-05    Building Fees

Ordinance 2008-12-15    Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan

Ordinance 2009-01-01    Stormwater and Erosion Control

Ordinance 2009-01-05    Opiate Substitution Treatment Facilities

Ordinance 2009-03-02    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2009-05-11    Industrial Districts

Ordinance 2009-06-01    Residential Infill

Resolution 2009-06-07    Collection of School Impact Fees

Ordinance 2009-06-15    Land Use Approvals

Ordinance 2009-06-16    Mill Creek Overlay District

Ordinance 2009-07-01    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2009-10-04    Urban Livestock

Ordinance 2009-10-19    Appeals

Ordinance 2009-11-06    Impact Fees

Ordinance 2009-12-01    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2009-12-15    Comprehensive Plan Changes

Ordinance 2009-12-16    Highway 99 Overlay District Design Standards

Ordinance 2010-07-07    Highway 99 Sub-Area

Ordinance 2010-07-16    Planned Actions

Ordinance 2010-08-06    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2010-10-02    Wineries

Ordinance 2010-12-12    Comprehensive Plan Changes

Ordinance 2011-01-01    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2011-02-13    Security and Patrol Services

Ordinance 2011-03-09    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2011-06-14    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Ordinance 2011-08-08    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2011-12-09    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2012-02-03    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2012-02-08    Youth Facilities Land Uses

Ordinance 2012-05-14    Retooling Our Code Unified Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2012-05-25    Transportation Concurrency and Impact Fees

Ordinance 2012-05-30    Private Bridges

Ordinance 2012-06-02    Roadside Farm Stands and Agricultural Markets

Ordinance 2012-07-03    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2012-07-15    Flood Hazard Areas

Ordinance 2012-07-16    Shoreline Master Program

Ordinance 2012-12-14    Employment Center Districts

Ordinance 2012-12-20    Comprehensive Plan Changes

Ordinance 2012-12-23    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2013-06-15    Categorical Exemptions

Ordinance 2013-06-16    Stormwater Regulation and Use

Ordinance 2013-07-08    Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens

Ordinance 2013-08-01    Stormwater Regulation and Use

Ordinance 2013-08-11    Wineries

Ordinance 2013-11-14    Kennels

Ordinance 2014-01-08    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2014-01-14    Park Impact Fee

Ordinance 2014-04-13    Urban Reserve Districts

Ordinance 2014-05-07    Marijuana-Related Facilities

Ordinance 2014-07-13    Inoperable Boats

Ordinance 2014-08-03    Day Spas, Massage Parlors, Public Bathhouses and Reflexology Businesses

Ordinance 2014-08-09    Transportation Concurrency Management System

Ordinance 2014-08-10    Shoreline Master Program

Ordinance 2014-11-02    Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens

Ordinance 2014-12-05    Wetland Protection and Habitat Conservation

Ordinance 2014-12-06    Surface Mining Overlay District

Ordinance 2014-12-10    Shoreline Master Program

Ordinance 2014-12-16    Master Planning

Ordinance 2015-06-20    Wineries

Ordinance 2015-11-24    Stormwater and Erosion Control

Ordinance 2015-12-12    Shoreline Master Program

Ordinance 2016-03-11    Rural Center Residential Districts

Ordinance 2016-04-03    Employment Districts, Rural Industrial Development Master Plan

Ordinance 2016-06-12    Comprehensive Plan Update

Ordinance 2016-09-04    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2016-12-07    Development Impact Fee Deferral

Ordinance 2016-12-09    Fences and Retaining Walls

Ordinance 2017-04-13    Transportation Concurrency Management System

Ordinance 2017-07-04    Growth Management Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Ordinance 2017-12-10    Recreational Vehicle Parks

Ordinance 2017-12-21    Urban Livestock

Ordinance 2018-01-01    Growth Management Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Ordinance 2018-01-03    Critical Areas

Ordinance 2018-01-09    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2018-01-17    Cottage Housing and Accessory Dwelling Units

Ordinance 2018-03-04    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Land Use

Ordinance 2018-10-02    Manufactured Homes

Ordinance 2018-11-06    Shoreline Master Program

Ordinance 2019-02-04    Park Impact Fees

Ordinance 2019-03-05    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2019-04-01    University District

Ordinance 2019-05-07    Clark County Council

Ordinance 2019-11-05    Complete Streets

Ordinance 2019-11-06    Historic Preservation

Ordinance 2019-11-07    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Land Use

Ordinance 2019-11-15    Legal Lot Determination, Land Division

Ordinance 2019-11-16    Growth Management Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Ordinance 2020-02-13    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Land Use

Ordinance 2020-03-01    Biannual Code Changes

Ordinance 2020-03-08    Development Code Amendments

Ordinance 2020-10-11    Marijuana Facilities

Ordinance 2020-12-02    Transportation and Land Use