Chapter 1.03


1.03.010    Readings required.

1.03.020    Amendments.

1.03.030    Emergency ordinances.

1.03.040    Waiver of reading requirements.

1.03.010 Readings required.

Every ordinance other than emergency ordinances shall have two public readings; at least three days shall elapse between the first reading and final passage of the ordinance, unless this rule be waived as provided by in CMC 1.03.040. All readings may be accomplished by a reading of the title only. [Ord. 905 § 1, 1981.]

1.03.020 Amendments.

Voting on amendments to a proposed ordinance shall be postponed until after the ordinance, in its original form, has been read twice and is ready for adoption. [Ord. 905 § 2, 1981.]

1.03.030 Emergency ordinances.

An emergency ordinance may be enacted without two readings, and upon its introduction and upon the same day thereof, provided it contains a statement of its urgency and is passed by five affirmative votes from the council. [Ord. 905 § 3, 1981.]

1.03.040 Waiver of reading requirements.

The requirement of CMC 1.03.010 may be waived by a resolution of the council passed by five affirmative votes allowing an ordinance to be introduced, read and passed at the same meeting. [Ord. 905 § 4, 1981.]