Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Appointment of officers – Removal – Contracts.

2.10.020    Limited commission code enforcement officer.

Prior ordinance history: Ords. 537, 797, 1131 and 1139.

2.10.010 Appointment of officers – Removal – Contracts.

The offices of the city clerk/treasurer, fire chief, chief of police, city attorney, and public works director shall be filled by mayoral appointment. All mayoral appointments to the offices identified above shall be subject to approval by majority vote of the city council. The officers shall be removed by the mayor. The city council is authorized to enter into contracts with each appointive officer upon such terms and conditions as the city council deems appropriate, including contracts for terms of years. [Ord. 1295 § 1, 1998.]

2.10.020 Limited commission code enforcement officer.

The mayor or the mayor’s designee may appoint a limited commission code enforcement officer to work in the public works, planning and building department of the city. The limited commission code enforcement officer’s work shall be directed by the public works director for the purpose of administering, investigating and enforcing the provisions of CMC Titles 15 and 17 and Chapter 10.56 CMC. In addition, the public works director shall be an ex officio code enforcement officer and have like enforcement authority. [Ord. 1490 § 1, 2011.]