Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Purpose of commission.

2.16.020    Membership.

2.16.030    Requirements for policemen.

2.16.040    Powers and duties.

2.16.050    Policemen eligible for civil service.

2.16.060    Secretary and chief examiner.

*    Statutory authority relating to the establishment of a civil service commission, see RCW 41.12.030.

2.16.010 Purpose of commission.

Pursuant to the authority conferred by Chapter 13 of the Laws of 1937 of the state of Washington, there is hereby created a city civil service commission to exercise the powers and perform the duties established by such state law relative to the selection, appointment and employment of police, including the chief, in and for the city of Clarkston. [Ord. 557 § 1, 1960.]

2.16.020 Membership.

The commission shall be composed of three members who shall be appointed by the mayor and who shall serve without compensation. Such commissioners shall have the qualifications prescribed by Section 3 of the act specified in CMC 2.16.010; provided, that no person shall be qualified to appointment thereto unless he has been a resident of the city continuously for three years and an elector therein. [Ord. 557 § 2, 1960.]

2.16.030 Requirements for policemen.

All applicants for employment with the police force of the city of Clarkston shall be required to have the qualifications, be subject to competitive examinations, have a tenure of office and be subject to removal as provided by the civil service requirements adopted by such commission consistent with Chapter 13, Laws of 1937 of the state of Washington. [Ord. 557 § 3, 1960.]

2.16.040 Powers and duties.

The commission, upon appointment, qualification and organization, shall hold meetings, adopt rules and regulations, perform the duties and exercise the powers of such commission in compliance with the laws of the state of Washington applicable thereto. [Ord. 557 § 4, 1960.]

2.16.050 Policemen eligible for civil service.

For the benefit of the public service and to prevent delay, injury, or interruption therein by reason of the enactment of this chapter, all persons holding a position in the police department of the city of Clarkston, including the chief thereof, when this chapter takes effect, who shall have served in such position for a period of at least six months last passed continuously are hereby declared eligible for permanent appointment under civil service to the offices, places, positions or employments which they shall then hold, respectively, without examination or other act on their part, and not on probation. Every such person is hereby automatically adopted and inducted permanently into civil service, into such office, place, position or employment which such person then holds as completely and effectually to all intents and purposes as if such person had been permanently appointed thereto under civil service after examination and investigation. [Ord. 557 § 5, 1960.]

2.16.060 Secretary and chief examiner.

The commission shall appoint a secretary and chief examiner, who shall keep the records of the commission, preserve all reports made to it, superintend and keep a record of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the commission may prescribe. The secretary and chief examiner shall be appointed as a result of competitive examination, which examination shall be open to all qualified persons as the commission may decide. The secretary and chief examiner may be subject to suspension, reduction or discharge in the same manner and subject to the same limitations as are provided in the case of members of the police department. [Ord. 1559 § 1, 2016.]