Chapter 2.20


2.20.001    Purpose.

2.20.010    Membership.

2.20.020    Powers and duties.

2.20.030    Procedures.

2.20.040    Removal of committee member.

2.20.001 Purpose.

It shall be the purpose of this chapter to officially dissolve any board of park commissioners operating in the city of Clarkston, Washington, and institute a parks advisory committee that will offer advice and recommendations to the mayor and city council regarding city park decisions. [Ord. 1641 § 2, 2020.]

2.20.010 Membership.

(1) There is established a city of Clarkston parks advisory committee (the committee), consisting of five members to be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. The term of office of the five members shall be three years, except that the initial appointments shall be staggered from one to three years so that no more than three members shall have their terms expire in any one year. Each of the members of the committee will serve without compensation. Initial determination of term of appointment shall be determined by lot. Members of the committee shall reside within the boundaries of the Clarkston School District, with preference given to residents of the city. At all times at least three members of the committee shall be residents of the city.

(2) Nonvoting advisors may be approved by the city council to assist in the deliberations of the parks advisory committee. [Ord. 1641 § 3, 2020; Ord. 82 § 1, 1909.]

2.20.020 Powers and duties.

(1) The committee is entrusted with the responsibilities of advising and making recommendations to the city council for the acquisition, control, improvement, beautification and planning of all public parks of the city. The committee shall periodically review whether the lands being used for park purposes are adequate and shall recommend to the city council what additional lands and grounds should be acquired and used for park and recreation purposes. The committee may explore and recommend public/private partnerships where appropriate and feasible. The committee shall also recommend design of parks and structures therein to the city council and shall make recommendations on an updated comprehensive plan element for parks facilities for the city.

(2) The committee shall recommend to the city council appropriate measures to ensure that the city has a well-integrated and complete program for the use of its parks and recreation playgrounds and, to accomplish this end, the committee shall from time to time meet with appropriate city employees and with representatives and officials of other groups, public and private, who are interested in the use and development of city parks and for the public benefit.

(3) It shall be the responsibility of the committee to study, investigate, counsel and develop and/or update annually, and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets and in other public areas. The committee, when requested by the city council, shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and recommend upon any special matter of question coming within the scope of its work.

(4) The committee shall advise and make recommendations to the city council on matters pertaining to bicycle routes and trails throughout the city. [Ord. 1641 § 4, 2020; Ord. 82 § 2, 1909.]

2.20.030 Procedures.

Meetings of the committee shall comply with Chapter 42.30 RCW, the Open Public Meetings Act. The committee shall elect its own chairperson. The committee shall hold at least one meeting per month, unless canceled by the committee chairperson, and shall adopt rules for the transaction of business, keep a record of its meeting by a committee member, who shall be appointed secretary, and shall submit such record to the city clerk. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and any action taken by a majority of those present shall be deemed action of the committee. [Ord. 1641 § 5, 2020.]

2.20.040 Removal of committee member.

The mayor may remove any member of the committee for any reason other than disagreement with an official recommendation of the committee or its members; provided, that such removal has been confirmed by a majority of the city council. Vacancies occurring otherwise than by expiration of the term of office shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as regular appointments are made. [Ord. 1641 § 6, 2020.]