Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Membership.

2.20.020    Powers and duties.

*    Statutory authority for a board of park commissioners, see RCW 35.23.170.

2.20.010 Membership.

It shall be the duty of the mayor to appoint a board of park commissioners for the city of Clarkston, said board to be three in number, and to serve during the pleasure of said mayor, and to consist of two members of the city council and one from without the council. [Ord. 82 § 1, 1909.]

2.20.020 Powers and duties.

The board of park commissioners shall have the control and supervision of any park or parks belonging to the city, and it shall be the duty of the board to see that the park or parks is or are properly cared for. The board shall have the power to prescribe such rules and regulations for the government and management thereof, and the rules and regulations shall be enforced by the police department of the city. It shall also be the duty of the board to organize by the election of a president and a secretary. It shall keep a record of its proceedings, and make a quarterly report to the town council. It shall also audit all bills and accounts for the maintenance and improvement of the parks before the same are paid by the town council. The expense for maintenance and improvement shall not exceed the amount of the levy made for that purpose from year to year. [Ord. 82 § 2, 1909.]